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16 June 2014 - The Magi 4 Afrika Challenge
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 Magi 4 Afrika - Governance; What Happens With Your Money
Magi 4 Afrika is about being transparent, accountable and responsive, ensuring your money reaches WaterAid for investment at Burie Woreda in Ethiopia; this page explains how we operate.
Magi 4 Afrika

People are becoming ever more discerning with their giving, ever more inquisitive how their money is invested.  Magi 4 Afrika is not a Registered Charity; we facilitate pubs and communities coming together to support great causes.  All "net" funds are distributed to Registered Charities for investment; with Magi 4 Afrika, all money raised (net of expenses) is passed to WaterAid.  Magi 4 Afrika is an entirely voluntary organisation and we do not charge any management fee or central overhead.  

Magi 4 Afrika supports the work of WaterAid (Registered in England & Wales No: 288701).  WaterAid works to provide clean water, hygiene and sanitation levels in disadvantaged communities.  Their expertise helps build sustainable local economies, fostering a greater sense of collective responsibility and creating a better society for all.  This rests easily with our own philosophy.
Bank Details We have a free standing bank account with Barclays Bank that is used exclusively for Magi 4 Afrika.  100% of the money you donate (less operational expenses like website hosting, artwork, printing, etc) is passed to WaterAid.  Our bank details are shown left.
You are able to make payments to our account in any of the usual ways; in so doing we ask that you please advise us via our Contact Page so that we can record your payment.  To aid transparency and compliance, all payments into and out of our bank account are recorded on our Donations Page.  We undertake that, whenever our bank account has cleared funds of £5,000, net of expenses, this money will immediately be transferred to WaterAid.
We realise that, despite the assurances we have given, you may not wish to share your details but would nonetheless like to support the goals and work of Magi 4 Afrika.  If you prefer, you are able to donate through JustGiving; this is simple, fast and totally secure with JustGiving undertaking neither to pass your details to third parties nor to send unwanted emails.  
JustGiving Once you donate, JustGiving sends your money directly to WaterAid and makes sure Gift Aid is reclaimed on every eligible donation.  Please click the Just Giving logo to donate:

A pledge from Magi 4 Afrika:
we take nothing in administration costs or central overhead
for every £1 you raise in sponsorship, 100p (less expenses) will be donated to WaterAid 
for investment on clean water, hygiene and sanitation projects at Burie Woreda in Ethiopia

Thank you for supporting Magi 4 Afrika and the work of WaterAid.
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