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16 June 2014 - The Magi 4 Afrika Challenge
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 Magi 4 Afrika Birmingham Walk - Sunday 7 September 2014

Welcome to The Magi 4 Afrika Challenge, a marathon distance, 26 mile walk around some of Birmingham's most iconic pubs as we seek to raise £25,000 to help fund the construction of water wells in disadvantaged rural communities of Ethiopia.  The walk will take place on Sunday 7 September 2014.   

Congratulations to Ben, Danny, Mike A, Mike W, Nick, Olivia, Robyn and Tim for completing 21.8 miles of The Birmingham Walk; great camaraderie and great fun.  Also to Miles for getting halfway in his Sunday best brogues before his novel "I'm going to catch a flight to Marrakech" opt out.  Thanks to Tim for the best ever bacon and sausage brekkie butties and to Kassim for the amazing end of walk Ethiopian meal.  Our journey is just beginning; please Contact Us to find out more.

We are grateful for the incredible support that our pubs have given to The Magi 4 Afrika Challenge; without them it would not be possible to showcase a day that will overflow with the traditions, cultures and flavours of the area in which we live.  In addition to the walk, the pubs will also be organising their own events in support of our cause; we thank them for their efforts.   


There is, of course, no requirement for you to complete the whole walk; you are welcome to join us for any section that you might like.  Some of the pubs will be organising shorter walks within their own communities.  Please Contact Us to find out what might be happening in your area.  Whatever your involvement, you will, of course be able to join us for the end of walk celebrations at The Blue Nile Restaurant.  


Please scroll down to view the amazing menu The Blue Nile Restaurant
has assembledfor our post walk buffet.


The Magi 4 Afrika Challenge Birmingham Walk will be managed responsibly and will leave from The Bartons Arms at 08:00 hrs on Sunday 7 September 2014.  We will conclude the day with an Ethiopian supper at The Blue Nile Restaurant on Great Hampton Street.  Our route plan is:   

The Bartons Arms

The Bartons Arms, High Street, Aston, B6 4UP was purchased by Oakham Ales in 2002 and is one of the finest examples of Victorian pub architecture in the country; the interior is the epitome of Victorian decorative grandeur, best known for its wall to wall Minton-Hollins tiles. 

The Bartons Arms is famed for its long association with the Aston Hippodrome, and the most famous double act in film history.  Amongst its thousands of customers, The Bartons Arms has quenched the thirst of Laurel & Hardy, Marie Lloyd, Sid Field, Enrico Caruso and the immortal Charlie Chaplin.  More recent visitors include Nigel Kennedy and Ozzy Osbourne.


The Bartons Arms to The Lord Clifden ... approximately 1.1 miles ...  

The Lord Clifden

The Lord Clifden, Great Hampton Street, Hockley, B18 6AA is situated in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter and highlighted in CAMRA's Good Beer Guide and The Good Pub Guide.  In 2012, the pub was national runners-up in the Observer Monthly food awards and regional winner for the Midlands and, in 2013, repeated the success with another two runners-up awards as Best Place to Drink and Best Sunday lunch.

The Lord Clifden is known for its collection of Urban Street Art and prides itself on quality produce, imported premium lagers and excellent service with an artistic imprint, offering seven continental lagers on tap.


The Lord Clifden to The Wellington ... approximately 1.0 miles ...  

The Wellington The Wellington, Bennetts Hill, Birmingham, B2 5SN is perhaps Birmingham’s most renowned specialist real ale pub.  The pub has sixteen hand pulls featuring regular beers alongside constantly changing guest beers from independent and micro breweries.  The pub also has three traditional ciders which change on a regular basis.

In 2005, The Wellington sold 2,610 different real ales which they believe is more than any other pub in the UK.  The pub has won Birmingham CAMRA's Pub of the Year award five times as well as a finalist in CAMRA's National Cider Pub of the Year award.


The Wellington to The Junction ... approximately 2.9 miles ...

The Junction

The Junction, High Street, Harborne, B17 9PT may look imposing but, step inside and it couldn't be more comfortable or relaxing. Comfy booth seating, open fireplaces and chequerboard tiles make for a sophisticated pub feel.

At The Junction in Harborne, you'll find a carefully curated range on tap and in bottle - from real ales made by small local brewers to innovative craft beers from the masters and well-known lagers and pilsners from around the globe.  The Junction is renowned for Great British pub-food; modern classics made with carefully sourced ingredients, cooked to order and served simply – delicious with a pint of craft beer or a bottle of carefully chosen wine.

The Junction to The Hawne Tavern ... approximately 5.4 miles ...
The Hawne Tavern

The Hawne Tavern, Attwood Street, Halesowen, B63 3UG is a busy and popular former CAMRA pub of the year and now in its fifteenth consecutive year in The Good Beer Guide.  It is a wonderful example of a community led free house.

The Hawne Tavern is a pub for those who love their real ale, a side street pub that hits all the right spots and a welcoming local, reminiscent of numerous “front room”pubs of the 1970’s and 1980’s.  There are three regular and up to six guest ales many of which are from micro breweries.  The pub is very close to the Waggon & Horses; we visit The Hawne Tavern on the outward journey and The Waggon & Horses on our return.


The Hawne Tavern to The Windsor Castle ... approximately 2.7 miles ...

The Windsor Castle

The Windsor Castle, Stourbridge Road, Lye, DY9 7DG is well established in the heart of England’s famous and industrial Black Country as the tap house to Windsor Castle Brewery’s Sadler’s Ales.  

The pub's popularity has continued to grow since its opening in 2006 and is renowned for serving Sadler’s award winning ales.  The brewery re-opened in 2004; seventy-seven years after Thomas Sadler brewed his last pint in 1927.  Founded in 1900 by Nathaniel Sadler, the brewery supplied its twelve tied public houses, the most famous being the original brewery tap house, The Windsor Castle Inn in Oldbury.  
The Windsor Castle Inn to The Duke William ... approximately 1.2 miles ...    
The Duke William

The Duke William, Coventry Street, Stourbridge, DY8 1EP is a former Marston's pub that was a little frayed but now lovingly restored into a classic contemporary community cask ale house.  The Duke William is an excellent example of a turn of the century, Edwardian boozer.

In March 2011, Craddocks Brewery was introduced at The Duke William meaning that we are able to visit a further brewery tap house on The Magi 4 Afrika Challenge.  The Duke William is CAMRA’s regional pub of the year where you can sit in the beer garden and and watch Craddock’s seven house ales brewing.
The Duke William to The Vine ("The Bull & Bladder") ... approximately 2.1 miles ...    
The Vine

The Vine Inn, Delph Road, Brierlry Hill, DY2 2TN is steeped in character and history and is known as the famous “Bull and Bladder”; the Batham's brewery tap. 

Its well known facade with the Shakespeare quote “Blessing of your heart - You brew good ale” has welcomed many travelling to sample the ale produced by Batham's one of the last surviving family brewers in the Black Country.  The company has grown since 1882 when Daniel Batham senior was landlord of The White Horse in Cradley Heath; he would be proud that 136 years later Batham’s would have eleven pubs throughout the Black Country and beyond!
The Vine ("The Bull & Bladder") to The Waggon & Horses ... approximately 3.5 miles ...  
The Waggon & Horses

The Waggon & Horses, Stourbridge Road, Halesowen, B63 3TU is a hidden gem, a proper English pub; completely unpretentious with a down to earth atmosphere.  In the same ownership for twenty-seven years.

Once you enter, this is a no nonsense real ale pub with a great selection of local ales and a warm friendly feel to it. The uneven floor can be deceptive when you have had a few.  A proper community pub featuring fourteen real ales, nine Belgian beers, fruit wines and home cooked food.  A real gem of a British boozer, as seen on television in Beer Tickers and, more recently, in Michael Wood's 'A History of Great Britain'. 
The Waggon & Horses to The Midland ... approximately 4.5 miles ...
The Midland, Bearwood

The Midland, Bearwood Road, Bearwood, B66 4BE opened in July 2014 is a former Midland Bank, acquired and tastefully re-furbished by Black Country Ales.   A single roomed pub prominently situated on the high street and serving up to fifteen real ales and a trad cider.  Cobs available at bar.

A particular feature is the open plan cellar where customers can view casks on the auto tilt stillage.  The refurbishment is a credit to Black Country Ales and is a fine addition to the area; already well supported by the locals.  An excellent development with a great range of cask ales with regulars including Bradley's Finest Golden, Pig on the Wall and Fireside; well worth a visit.
The Midland to The Blue Nile Restaurant ... approximately 3.3 miles ...    
The end of walk will see us enjoy a traditional, bespoke Ethiopian supper at The Blue Nile Restaurant (the cost is included in your £20 Registration Fee).  Ethiopian food is an exotically spicy mix of vegetables, slow simmered meat or grain stews and fresh meat sautes.  The Blue Nile Restaurant offers a warm, inviting, truly Ethiopian ambiance with the best tasting Ethiopian cuisine prepared by experienced chefs with strong Ethiopian roots.
DORO WOT - chicken with hot pepper sauce, berbere spices and niter kibbeh, a seasoned clarified butter.  Wat, we̠t’, wot or tsebhi is an Ethiopian and Eritrean stew or curry.  Doro wat is perhaps the best known food from Ethiopia and is often referred to as the country's national dish.
YEBEG ALICHA - fresh lamb delicately seasoned and cooked with spiced garlic and Ethiopian herbs.  
YEBEG KEYE WOT - fresh lamb cooked with berbere spices, onion and Ethiopian herbs; often served with Aybe (cottage cheese).
MINCHET ABISH ALICHA - prepared mild from ground minced lamb and simmered in a mild sauce of onion, ginger and garlic; served with hard boiled egg.
MINCHET ABISH - a hot version of the same dish, prepared mild from ground minced lamb and simmered in a sauce of onion, ginger and garlic; served with hard boiled egg.   
MISR WOT - spicy red lentils simmered in the chef’s special hot sauce.  
KIK WOT - split yellow peas cooked in onion, garlic and turmeric flavoured sauce. 
GOMEN WOT - sometimes called "ye'abesha gomen" . . . finely chopped collard greens (an American-English term for various loose-leafed cultivars including cabbage and broccoli) steamed with mild seasoning, onion and olive oil.
TIKL GOMEN WOT - a vegetarian dish of fresh cabbage cooked with slices of potatoes and carrots.
BROWN LENTILS - lentils cooked in onion, garlic, ginger and chef's special mild sauce.  
SHIRO WOT - powdered peas cooked with onion, vegetable oil, powdered red pepper and Ethiopian spices.  
BLUE NILE SALAD - lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber and green pepper with a Blue Nile house twist.  
VEGETABLE SAMOSAS - crisp fried wheat flour samosas stuffed with cabbage, peas, carrot, onion and seasonings.
Served with RICE, BROWN BREAD and INJERA . . . injera is a sourdough-risen flatbread with a unique, slightly spongy texture; traditionally made out of teff flour, it is a national dish in Ethiopia and Eritrea.  A similar variant is eaten in Somalia and Djibouti (where it is called canjeero or lahooh), in Yemen (where it is known as lahoh) and, in Sudan.
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